Attosecond scientist at work.

We offer positions in three, closely related research areas (a) Light control an synthesis (b) Study of attosecond phenomena (c) Extreme Photonics in solids.

PhD and Master Thesis

We offer positions to PhD and Bachelor/Master students with exceptional CV and undergaduate.graduate notes.  For PhD candidates, an experience in ultrafast science or related disciplines will be considered an advantate.

We encourage foreigner candidates to apply for external fellowships such as DAAD  or outgoing fellowships from their country of origin. A prior consultation with us is nessesary.

A number of positions can be funded by our internal resources.  At the moment the group has two internally funded PhD position openings. Please get in touch for details.


We offer positions for exceptional researchers at the postdoc level. They should carry out independent research at the highest level. Foreigner candidates could consider applying for an Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship or a Marie-Curie grant. A prior consultation with us is nessesary.